Casentino Forests MTB RALLY

Scheduled categories: ACSI

CATEGORIES: MW1 (19-39); MW2 (da 40); DILETTANTI (17- 18); ELITE SPORT (19-29); M1 (30-34); M2 (35-39); M3 (40-44); M4 (45-49); M5 (50-54); M6 (55-59); M7 (da 60).


The first 12 riders in each category will receive an award.

Grid of merit:

The top five finishers in each category of the first stage will start the second stage on the grid of merit.

Safety measures:

According the general rules, the correct use of a helmet approved for cycling activity is mandatory. Slower competitors must make it easier for faster riders to overtake. Any technical breakdown of the vehicle must be repaired outside the race track. Those not complying with these rules will be disqualified immediately


The event is guaranteed by ACSI. ACSI regulations apply.

Environmental protection:

It is strictly forbidden to dispose of litter along the race routes. Litter must be disposed of at the passage in the refreshment area. Anyone seen committing such an act may be punished with disqualification.


Disclaimer: A.S.D Romagna Bike Bike Grandi Eventi declines all responsibility for any accidents or damage to people or things that may occur before, during and after the event or as a result of it. You participate at your own risk. By registering, the competitor renounces any right right to sue, even with respect to third parties, the organising company and all natural persons or legal entities involved in organising the event.


Signature and consent to the processing of personal data:
By signing the registration form, you declare that you are in possession of a valid membership card and to have read these regulations, accepting them in full and consenting to the processing of personal data including that falling within the special categories (GDPR Art. 9) for the purposes indicated in the explanatory note on the processing of personal data that can be found at the following link: aptservizi.com/azienda/privacy/informativa_sitiweb/

Image rights:

By signing the registration form, competitors expressly authorise the organisers to use any images, whether either still or moving images, portraying them during their participation in the events organised by the circuit. The organisers may assign the rights to use the images provided for in this agreement to their institutional and commercial partners. The authorisation to use one’s own image must be understood to be for an indefinite period, in compliance with the laws, regulations and treaties in force and without territorial limits around the world, with respect to the use in various publications and videos, including, but not limited to, promotional and/or advertising material produced on all forms of media.

COMPLAINTS about the finish order:

Complaints must be submitted within 30 minutes of the finish order being displayed, subject to the payment of the relevant fee.

Timing and data processing are provided by WINNING TIME using technology based on the use of chips. Each participant must be equipped with a WINNING TIME chip in order to be uniquely identifiable during transit to the control points.

Cyclists who are already in possession of a personal chip must indicate this on the registration form for the event.

NB: Absence or incorrect use of the chip will result in non-inclusion in the ranking and the non-attribution of the time taken.

Rankings will be calculated on the basis of the official time and will be available on the www.winningtime.it website.